Baby Mary Janes: Winter Accessories for Kids

Baby Mary Janes are one of the most sort after kinds of kids shoes because of the comfort and stability they provide to kids’ shoes. There are other kinds of kids shoes that also provide comfort like sneakers and boots.  In the winter months, Baby Mary Janes can be worn with socks to protect against the clothes and they can also be worn in the summer months.

Baby Mary JanesThere are some kids clothing items that can be transformed into winter attire same goes for shoes and accessories. Knowing which ones can be transformed and how to do it is an important skill to know. Dressing toddlers in the winter can be a bit of a hassle because they are not the most corporative people on the planet

Toddlers might be hesitant to put on their jumper or winter coat on and after the struggle, if you win they might take it off as soon as they have the opportunity. If this is a recurring problem, try to wear your child more layers than normal so if they take off their coat, they are still a bit more protected from the cold.

Children have a high metabolism rate and so they might not feel cold as quickly as adults, but it also means that their body works extra hard to keep warm if they are not properly clothed. If the toddler’s hands and feet are cold it means their body is working hard to keep their vital organs warm. When kids are not properly clothed, their body has to work extra hard to keep warm and this means that energy is diverted to that and makes the kid lower energy.

This also happens in adults as well. So, if you want your kids to thrive in the winter months and be as active as they always are then you should cloth them properly.

Baby Mary JanesThe winter time is also a time that most people catch the common cold. The cold weather makes the common cold even more common because it creates the perfect environment for the cold to manifest in the body. Warmer weather means warmer cells and warmer cells interfere with the quick spread of the common cold virus and building an immune system faster.

But in the cold weather, it does not do that. The most common cause for colds, reproduce most effectively at temperatures just below the body’s 37 degrees Celsius. Which means keeping your child warm in winter will go some way towards keeping them healthy and ensuring they don’t catch the cold. Also make sure they don’t sleep with the windows open and that their rooms are properly warmed up during the day and especially at night.

Keep in mind, cold weather provides the perfect environment for the cold virus to manifest. If you kid is proving difficult and refusing to wear their warm clothes, you can tell them this and tell them the consequences of catching a cold. No outings to go get hot chocolate, no ice-skating, and no winter activities. That should help convince them.

Winter Accessories for Kids

Baby Mary JanesSo keeping in mind that kids need to stay warm during the winter months, below are some accessories you can get them to make your job of keeping them warm a lot easier. You can get some cool winter accessories that will go a long way to keep them both warm and stylish. It is best to get the winter clothes and accessories before it gets cold, so you don’t have to rush around trying to shop when it’s already cold.

Winter Hats and Caps

The head is one of the main places that heat escapes the body so keeping a toddler’s head warm is important. There are different types of hats such as beanies, monkey caps, wool hats etc. Get hats that cover the ear as well, so you keep their ears warm. Hats don’t have to be boring; you can get them in different fun and bright colors and different designs. For girls there are hats that have pom poms at the end or nice writings or pictures.


A winter scarf helps keep the neck warm and is an added layer of warmth and protection when its cold. Hats can be worn over jacket or coats or they can be worn around the neck right before the jacket, so the hat stays in place. This is a good strategy for toddlers, so they are not tempted to take of the scarf and expose their neck area to the cold.

Gloves or Mittens

Baby Mary JanesGloves and mittens are greater winter accessories and they help keep the hands and fingers warm. And they are also a good way to accessorize an outfit. Ensure that the gloves you buy for your toddlers provide warm but are light and not too heavy.

Also make sure that are padded and have a good grip. If your toddler is going to be participating in lots of activities that require holding things like playing in the park or ice skating, then you should have them wear mittens. Mittens allow for a better grip.

When it comes to winter accessories you have to make durability a factor when buying. This doesn’t mean you have to get expensive winter coats and accessories, but you have to get ones of good quality and there are lots of affordable accessories that are also good quality.